Staging & Interior Design

Preparing a home for the market requires a professional. I come from a design background and I know the first 45 seconds of viewing a home are the key to selling your home.

Within that time frame you must draw the buyer in and navigate them through the home in the direction you want them to go.  We plan this out by emphasizing the home’s strengths and de-emphasizing the weaknesses. Most homes that are staged have furniture placed in them, but furniture alone does not make a staged home, it makes a furnished house. A stage is theatrical; it creates a mood and a sense of “’home”.

Once you decide to sell your home it becomes an investment, and staging is part of that investment. This may mean that your home will look and feel much different to the way you have lived in it for so long, and it may be difficult to let go of the previous look. This is where my team comes in.  We are able to be objective and stage your home in such a way as to get your home sold quicker and for a good price. Having a home sit endlessly on the market does nothing for your stress level nor does it help you attain the price you’re after.

We enjoy working with a seller months ahead of time in order to come up with the best plan for preparing the home for market. Together we decide what can be done best so as to create the most impact on the buyers. For example, I have assisted in remodeling many homes, and though this may add time to get to the selling point it is beneficial when it comes to making the sale worthwhile. I also understand construction well enough to help scope out what can be done to a home when a buyer is interested in remodeling.

All our best,

Shelley Linde

Pacific Sotheby’s International Realty

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