Rancho Santa Fe Real Estate Team

As a Real Estate Team, Shelley & Peter can provide you with the kind of service that is difficult to find in another team.


We will answer your phone calls and emails quickly. We go full out for our clients when we market a home which begins with broker tour and targeting buyers that are out of the area. We work with many buyers and because of that we’re out in the trenches. We understand what they are looking for ‘today’, not what they used to look for. We know you can’t sell a home today without more hard work. We are about hard work and since we are a Real Team in the sense that we cover each other to make sure the job gets done you benefit!


We will market your home aggressively, we want it sold quickly and so do you, that can’t be achieved by putting out a sign or why would you need a realtor?


We understand investment, we understand that in California real estate is your biggest investment. I want you to make wise choices in real estate. I want you to make money on your home regardless of the ‘market’ and it is possible. You can’t make wise decisions without all the facts. I promise you when making a purchase with me you will know everything there is to know about a property and the surrounding area.